A well groomed cat is a happy cat
It is a myth that cats don't need professional grooming. Cats require grooming for many reasons including.

Tangles and Mats               
Flea and Ticks
Dirt, debris, grease and litter box evidence
Shedding and unwanted hair in your home
Dander and Dandruff
Overgrown toenails
The overall comfort and well being of your cat

Are you allerigic to your cat?

Although grooming does not replace professional medical treatment, it may help to make life with a cat more manageable. Common alleries include cat dande, cat hair and cat saliva. Regular grooming can help reduce the amount of these allergens released into the environment.  For long haired cats, removing the hair in a "lion cut" style may also be beneficial.  If you think cat grooming may be helpful,
call now for an appointment.

Why Glamour Pets Mobile Grooming?

Many cats find travel stressful.  by doing the grooming at your door, we eliminate all travel.  Some grooming salons work with a mix of dogs and cats.  This can add additional stress.  Glamour Pets mobile Pet grooming provides cat grooming at your home or place of business.  Because we only have one or two pets in our salon at a time, your cat is the sole focus of attention for the entire duration of the appointment.  Your pet is groomed efficiently and returned to you promptly.

Available Services include:

Bathing and fluff drying
Brushing and/or dematting
Lion trims and/or shave-downs
Nail Trims and/or Soft Claws
Belly shaves and/or sanitary trims

Do you require a service not listed? Contact us for more information.

Our services are drug free.  We do not use sedatives of any kind on your pet.  A well groomed cat is a  happy cat.  Call now to book and appointment
Mobile Pet Grooming Service