Here is what our customers are saying:

This service is absolutely stress free.
Michelle Coniglio, owner of Nutmeg and Nibblet

I absolutely love your grooming set up.  It really eliminates a great deal of stress for the animals, and for their moms too.  I just wanted to let you know now that the cats look wonderful! You did an amazing job with all three, especially with some of the difficulties you had to work with.  As I explained to you, cat groomers are hard to find, and the vet wants to give them aesthetic which I prefer to avoid unless absolutely necesary.  Now that I have your contact information, I can have them groomed regularly to prevent severe matting.  Thank you very much, I will be calling you again in a few months.  I will also pass your cards out to my neighbours and friends.

Leeanne Bielli, owner of Pari, Candy and Maz.

I don't drive and many taxi drivers don't like dogs.  As a senior, this is the ultimate service.  It means the world to me.
Sandra Lococo, owner of Baldo and Zelda

I work from home so this service is very convenient.  I don't have to run out to pick up or drop Roxy off during the work day.  We have been customers for 8 years and have been very pleased.  Roxy always looks great.
David Wood, owner of Roxy

I have found this service to be efficent and dependable.  You come when you say you will. Bailey always looks terrific.
Mrs. E. Foder, owner of Bailey
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