The Government of Ontario has designated business that provide for the health and welfare of animals as essential services (item #71). Based on this guildeline, Glamour Pets has resumed service. While we remain open, we have reduced staff to make space for social distancing. Existing appointments are being kept on a limited basis.


Pet Grooming is a lot more than making your dog look pretty. Pet grooming addresses the following health and welfare issues:

  • Mats and bunched hair is removed to prevent discomfort and pulling on the skin

  • New lumps, bumps, and skin problems are detected early so they can be treated

  • Fleas, Ticks, and mites get discovered and removed

  • Undercoat is brushed out to allow for healthy skin and hair growth

  • Overgrown toenails are trimmed to prevent foot disfigurement

  • Excessive coat is removed to prevent heat stress

  • Dirt, seeds, and skin irritants are removed to prevent discomfort and skin problems


During happier times, our grooming service blended in with the busy city environment. Our activities mixed in well with the pool care teams, lawn care providers, construction operators, and city traffic. Today many people are working from home and the city streets are quiet. Out of respect of the many people at home, we will be parking the van in locations where we will cause minimal disruption. The van will not be parking in front of your door. We will pick your pet up at your address and return it when the grooming is complete.


When we arrive at your door we ask that you abide by the following:

  • Practice social distancing. Please give us 2m of personal space

  • Remove all leashes, collars, harnesses, and accessories before we arrive. We will use our own leashes

  • Meet us outside our front door. We will not be entering houses or condos at this time.

  • If anyone in your home has Covid-19 symptoms or is under home quarantine, let us know. We will reschedule.


Glamour Pets is an ideal solution to pet grooming today. We have an enclosed environment. The only people who have access are trained employees. This helps to minimize unnecessary person to person contact and exposure. In addition, we meet you at your front door. This allows you to further protect yourself by staying home. We look forward to continuing to serve you.