Must be submitted end-of-day (before clocking out) every workday by the designated person.

URGENT issues (injuries, customer complaints, etc.) should be sent to Derek on Homebase right away -- not here.

If there are no applicable issues/comments for a section, write "N/A".

(If there were new pets, please describe how the appointment went, any details about dog size/condition/issues, and whether to re-book. Ask Ida if unsure about re-booking.)
(Were there issues with a certain dog, a customer, traffic, weather, mechanical problems, etc? Particularly things that affected the pace of the day.)
(Shampoos, toilet paper, nail power, etc.)
(Clipper guards, combs, leads, etc.)
(Clippers, brushes, electrical cords, fixtures, furniture, etc.) Also include things that are NEARLY broken, if noticed.
Anything else to say? Write it here! **Please note: these comments aren't private -- please message Derek directly if you have comments with sensitive info.**