The duration of an appointment depends on what is required. A typical small dog that receives regular groomings takes about an hour. Larger or more difficult dogs take longer.

We have heating and air conditioning.  Our Alde brand furnace was imported from Sweden and is state of the art. The van temperature is similar to inside your home.

We provide our own electricity. We carry our own water.  Every pet gets fresh clean water for their bath.

We  can groom your pet if parking is available. Parking must be outdoors. Private Laneways into parking areas must be  spacious enough that our vehicle will fit. Street parking is an option, though the city will ticket us if we park in a no parking zone.  In neighbourhoods where street parking is scarce, driveway parking is a necessity.  Some apartments may allow us to park on the loading dock if this is prearranged by the pet owner.

We carry our own premium shampoo products which are appropriate for most pets. Sometimes a veterinarian will prescribe a product for a specific health condition. We would be happy to use veterinary prescribed products if you provide them for us.

Most dogs will release anal glands on their own. This can occur during bowel movements, or when they feel threatened. Expressing anal glands manually when its not necessary can cause atrophy to the muscles around the anal glands and possible anal gland rupture. We care about the well-being of your dog. If anal gland expression is required due to a medical problem, we recommend that expression should be done by your veterinarian.

Our service is completely drug free. Even natural sedatives have risks and we don’t use them. Sedation can make it difficult for your pet to think clearly and stand properly on the grooming table. Imagine being expected to stand up for a grooming when all you want to do is sleep off your meds! Although sedation has its place, we believe a sedation free salon is best for everyone.

Although flea and tick dips were a common procedure in the past, new flea and tick preventives have made major strides in recent years. These modern products are more effective and less toxic than the pyrethrin based products of the past. In Canada most of these modern products must be purchased from your veterinarian. Contact your veterinarian for a prescription.
Professional bathing and drying are an important part of the grooming process. We bath all grooming appointments, even if you have already bathed them before hand. Please leave the bathing to us.

Our insurance policy prohibits pet owners from staying in the groommobile. Most pets behave better when their owners are out of sight anyway. Feel free to come out and see our vehicle before we start grooming. After that, please let us do the job we’ve been hired for.

Because of the many variables involved, it would be misleading to post a price list on this website. We believe we provide a premium service for a fair price.

Just like many medical professionals, we recommend that you plan ahead as many days as possible. The wait for an appointment varies, with our busiest seasons being Christmas and Spring. Many customers prebook. Prebooking ensures that you get the time and appointment frequency that is appropriate for you.

We operate exclusively as a mobile service. The mailing address provided on this website is used exclusively for mail and package delivery. If you are within the mapped region on “Service Area” page, we can come to you.

Yes. We don’t have space for retail products in our van. If your pet has his own tooth brush, please provide it to us when we pick up your dog. We would be happy to do teeth brushing for you.

Yes! We groom dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our electric-powered table makes lifting big dogs easy.