We recommend that puppies should see a pet stylist after their 16 week vaccinations. Most pets will require grooming throughout their lifetime. Introducing the sights, smells, and sounds of the grooming salon early will help your dog be more comfortable in the grooming environment for years to come.

You can prepare your puppy for its first grooming appointment by introducing some aspects of grooming at home. Here are a few suggestions:

Use a brush gently over your puppies body. This introduces the concept of being brushed everywhere.

Massage your puppy’s face and feet so they become comfortable with these body parts being handled. Don’t forget the back feet too!

Get your puppy used to standing on a raised surface so that standing on a grooming table becomes familiar. A rubber bath mat can be useful on hard surfaces to give your puppy better grip.

For many puppies we recommend a puppy visit. Although we may do a little bit of light trimming in this visit, the primary purpose is to introduce the grooming environment in as positive a way as possible. These positive first impressions can last a lifetime. Is your puppy ready for his puppy visit? Contact us today!